How to Grow More Facebook Following!


  1. Become Somebody Worth Following. Ask Yourself:

Would You Follow You?

Are You Putting the kind of stuff on your Facebook Page whether is Personal page or Fanpage?

Are you putting the kind of content that would make people worth to follow you?

Or Are you just constantly pitching your product? You are constantly talking about your thing, why your product is amazing or why your business opportunity is awesome? Or whatever your thing is?

Because if you are not putting valuable content that genuinly help people, nobody is going to follow you.

2. Do Facebook Live Broadcasts:

Facebook is trying to become a Video Platform. Facebook is showing more live videos, more than they are showing other  kinds of content.

It’s also the fastest way to build your audience if you do it the right way.

3. Run Facebook Ads:

Once you know what to post on ads obviously.

The fastest way to grow your business is to do Ads. But you don’t have to spend Thousands. You can start runing Ads from 20-30 $. You can run an Ad and see if it works and make adjustments from there.

4. Give People a Reason to Follow You (Ethically Bribe them):

Here and then you can do this for example:

Hey guys I am going to be releasing a Free Giveaway, a free training or something.

But I am going to leave you it for 48 hours and I am not going to tell you when I am going to post it, it will be available for the ones following me. You can also share this on Facebook Groups.

So, from time to time create a small promotion that only your followers are going to be able to see and take advantage.

5. Make Sure Your content is shareable :

  1. Just ask for shares: If you find this video valuable share it with someone that can be useful. I appreciate it, sharing is caring.
  2. Even when we are giving something we want something in return, that is how we are as humans. The reason why your friends are going to share your content is not only because their friend would like it, it’s also because they think “I will look good for sharing this”

So create the kind of content that makes the person sharing it look good.

To your success,

Ingrid 🙂


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